Learn how to improve your focus, increase your productivity and reduce stress


Focus Management

Daily Task Management



Passionate about productivity and how our brain works (or does not work).

Master degree in Artificial Intelligence, Bachelor degree in Philosophy.

Suffered from lots of stress during my first working years. Until I started reading, studying and practicing how to reduce stress by improving my focus on what matters and getting rid of distractions.

I can now say that I have almost zero stress. My goal is for you to achieve the same.


The work methods that you will learn to apply are based on proven methods and the latest research, backed up with my own experience.

The learnings are not rocket science. It is about the way this knowledge is transferred and how you can make it a habit.

The course is set up such that participants, that learn in different ways (learn by hearing or seeing, learn by doing, learn by discussing etc.), will all be on board.

During the course, there is time to discuss specific situations, and address problems and solutions in an interactive way, which increases the learning effect.