Learning goal There is usually more to do than we have time to do it. Because we don't have a useful overview of all the work that needs to be done, our mind is full but our output is limited. To take back control we take the wrong actions. E.g., we leave emails in our inbox, without knowing which actions to take. Then we keep reading those emails multiple times to remind ourselves that there are actions in them somewhere. In this course, we learn to setup a reliable system that provides us the overview we need. This will achieve that we know what is important, and we will not forget anything that is relevant. You get control on your daily work.
Duration Half day
Participants 8 - 12
Topics Setting up Outlook as a system to gather and manage all your actions in one place | Your inbox is not a to-do list | For each email or other stuff that comes in, force yourself to decide on the next action to take | Group actions to save time

Customizations on the program and number of participants can be discussed

Technology is a beautiful SERVANT

...but a terrible MASTER